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I love this song- even before seeing (500) Days of Summer. This live version from Bonnaroo is pretty cool.
This was my anthem of 2009. I love the song, and I dig the video too. So there. Maybe some honorable mentions later though. This was hard!
OMG! 2008 was so hard to pick, so I went by iTunes play count. The first single off the Santogold (now Santigold due to a legal dispute) debut.

listening to "Lily Allen LDN" on Blip

I *think* this Lily Allen song wins out as my song of 2007-although there was strong competition. A great song for the summer of our wedding.
After seeing Muse for the 2nd time (well, 1/2 the show) in 2005, I was amped when this album came out in 2006. Still in heavy rotation for me.
An Indianapolis band seems the best choice to sum up my 2005. It was the year The Patio closed. Boo. Still.
This song was likely my most played song of 2004 & a song that is still in my rotation. I <3 The Killers & still need to see them live!
This song was an anthem of mine in 2003, and Joe & I saw The White Stripes play it as 2003 became 2004. 2003 was awesome.
Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots may have been my favorite album of 2002. 7 years on, and this song is still awesome!